FEW.R Corp provides FREE* electronic (e-waste) recycling to both commercial (Pick-up/Drop-Off) and residential (drop-off only) clients.

Our warehouse is open to the public, corporations and businesses alike during scheduled business hours. The following items may be dropped off at our main warehouse located at  164 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT.

Radios, Alarm Clocks, Amps, Cable Boxes, Camcorders, Cameras, DVD Players, Tape Decks, VCRs, Video Games, Power Tools, PDAs, Pagers, iPods, CPUs*, PCs*,  Inkjet Cartridges, Laptops*, LCDs, HardDrives/Drives* (internal/external, zip, DVD, tape, CD, etc.), MP3 Players, Printers, Servers, Scanners, Routers, Projectors, Typewriters, Navigation Systems, Car Stereo, Computer mice, cables, phones keyboards and more!

Please note: We are currently collecting CRT Monitors/TVs on behalf of New Leaf Refining (our sister-corp) for a fee of $15.00 per CRT unit up to 27″ $20.00 per unit larger than 27″. Cash or Corporate Check only made out to New Leaf Refining.

Any CRT type TV or Computer Monitor that has cut power cords, been tampered with or units with cracked screens will be refused.

*These devices upon drop off will receive a CSSD (Please see CSSD below)



Our service is free of charge (for business’s located in CT) however, to qualify for a business/corporate collection there is a minimum device requirement (*MDR) of 15 items. Although we do accept every piece of electronics (*CRT’s per unit fee) we strictly hold corporations and business’s to our *MDR.

These items include multiples of; Flat panel monitors/TV’s (CRT’s per unit fee), Computer towers, laptops, servers/server racks and any apple product.

*MDR – Not to worry, even if you do not qualify, given the high volume of demand for our onsite e-waste collection services, you can always drop-off your unwanted items at our main warehouse located at 164 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT. (We occupy the brick building directly across from Fitness Edge entrance, down the driveway on your immediate right.)

Also currently trending; For smaller businesses or companies that lack the MDR, office personnel will post a company-wide bulletin, urging their employees to participate in a total recycling effort bringing items and devices from home to meet the MDR.

Regarding the Certificate of Safe & Secure Destruction (CSSD). This certifies that the customers proprietary information was totally removed/destroyed from computer hard drives that were donated to Free Electronic Waste Recycling Corp (FEW.R).


We issue this CSSD (to you) onsite, inventorying the serial numbers of every device capable of storing data; HHD’s, Zip disks, DAT/R-DAT, D-SLT/SLT…etc. Ensuring that the data storage devices collected onsite, were removed, brought to a safe secure and monitored location, dismantled properly and **destroyed in our facility, using environmentally sound methods, guaranteed.

**Our specific destruction technique is to physically break the media apart, removing the data platter and shredding the storage medium. This makes all information on the data drive 100% unrecoverable. All equipment deemed unusable will be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Any storage devices in unusable equipment are physically dismantled and shredded before being properly recycled.

We want to ensure you and your company, that even though our recycling service is free of charge, we are not lacking in quality of service and will always adhere to the utmost standards of privacy and discretion. The safe and secure handling of your information is paramount. If you have any further questions regarding the services we offer, commercial pick-up, scheduling a private or municipal collection event, please fill out the form below, and provide as much detail as possible so we can better serve you.

If you are interested in scheduling a commercial pickup or recycling event, please contact us.

Recycling of e-waste materials is offered free of charge, unless otherwise negotiated. For large quantity commercial pickup, a transportation surcharge may apply (Out of CT. State Clients only). Please contact us for more information and to arrange a commercial pickup.

Thank You.