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Professional Electronic Recycling Services

FEW.R Corp facilitates responsible and convenient e-waste disposal for commercial and residential clients.

Comprehensive Solutions

Commercial Services: Convenient e-waste pick-up or drop-off options tailored to your business needs.

Residential Events: Partner with us to host or sponsor e-waste collection events in your community.

Public Drop-Off: Visit our warehouse during business hours to responsibly dispose of your e-waste. Our secure and dedicated warehouse at 164 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT, welcomes the public, corporations, and businesses alike.

Accepted Items

We offer a convenient and responsible solution for recycling a wide range of electronic devices, including:

  • Audio/Visual Equipment: Radios, alarm clocks, speakers, music amplifiers, cable boxes, camcorders, cameras, DVD players, tape decks, VCRs, video game consoles.

  • Computing Devices: CPUs, PCs, laptops, LCD monitors, hard drives (internal/external, zip, DVD, tape, CD, etc.), MP3 players, printers, servers, scanners, routers, projectors, typewriters.

  • Mobile Devices: PDAs, pagers, iPods, navigation systems, car stereos.

  • Peripherals: Computer mice, cables, phones, keyboards.

Special CRT Monitor/TV Recycling Program:
In partnership with New Leaf Refining, we offer a fee-based program for responsible CRT monitor and TV recycling:

  • $15 per unit for CRT monitors/TVs up to 26 inches.

  • $20 per unit for CRT monitors/TVs 27 inches and larger.

  • Payment by cash or corporate check only, made payable to New Leaf Refining.

Please note: We cannot accept CRT monitors/TVs with:

  • Cut power cords.

  • Signs of tampering.

  • Cracked screens.


For more information or to schedule a drop-off, please contact us at

On-Site E-Waste Collection for Businesses

We're proud to offer complimentary on-site e-waste collection to businesses located in Connecticut. To ensure efficient service and responsible handling, we require a minimum of 20 devices for free collection. This applies to all electronics with power cords, batteries, or on/off switches, including flat-panel monitors/TVs (excludes CRTs), computer towers, laptops, servers/racks, printers, and Apple products.


Fuel efficiency matters. To dispatch the right vehicle, our representatives may request pictures of your items. This ensures a smooth, eco-friendly collection process.

Not meeting the minimum? No worries! Drop off your unwanted electronics at our convenient recycling center at 164 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT (brick building opposite Fitness Edge entrance, down the driveway on your right).

Out-of-state businesses? We welcome you to participate with a transportation fee. Contact us for details.

Certificate of Safe & Secure Destruction (CSSD)

This document certifies that all customer proprietary information has been permanently erased or physically destroyed from computer hard drives donated to Free Electronic Waste Recycling Corp (FEW.R Corp).

Our secure data destruction process includes:

  • On-site inventorying: Serial numbers of all data storage devices (HDDs, Zip disks, DAT/R-DAT, D-SLT/SLT, etc.) are documented upon collection.

  • Secure transportation: Data storage devices are transported to a secure, monitored location for processing.

  • Proper dismantling and destruction: Devices are safely dismantled and data storage media are destroyed using environmentally sound methods within our facility.

  • Guaranteed data erasure: Our physical destruction technique employs platter removal and media shredding, rendering all data 100% unrecoverable.

  • Responsible recycling: Unusable equipment is responsibly recycled after data storage devices are securely removed and shredded.


This comprehensive process ensures the complete and permanent protection of your confidential information.

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