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Welcome to FEW.R!

Your resource for Free Electronic Waste Recycling

Pronounced (few·er \ ˈfyü-ər) our company offers Safe, Responsible, Sustainable Electronics Recycling for both residential and commercial clients. Public drop-offs are always welcome and commercial pickup is available by request.

Making a Difference Together

Free E-Waste Recycling is dedicated to offering a responsible and cost-effective solution for electronic waste disposal across various sectors, including schools, municipalities, corporations, and individual households.

Our commitment goes beyond simply recycling; we strive to promote environmental sustainability and resource conservation through responsible e-waste management practices.

Zero waste, Better for our Landfills, Better for the Planet

Free E-Waste Recycling’s mission is to provide schools, municipalities, Corporations and Residential with a Free and economical alternative for the disposal of their electronic waste products.

FEW.R is dedicated to providing top quality, up-cycled material back to the consumer so that they may benefit from a 100% recycled US product alternative, instead of outsource importing.


In addition, we hope to build in the consumer, a positive feeling about the products we handle that are recycled and processed within the United States using our own proprietary processing techniques and other responsible recycling partner facilities.


We do not and will not send any of our waste material to underdeveloped nations for processing.


Innovation - Driven Solutions

Over the last decade, FEW.R Corp and their wholly-owned subsidiaries pushed the bar and industry standards, through mechanical innovation, implementing low-resistance logistics, redefining the current understanding of the E-Waste recycling industry. 


Our mobile unit streamlines the process, providing lightning-fast results for your sensitive hard drives, tape drives, and other devices.

Industry Standards

We offer secure and efficient data storage inventory using cutting-edge technology, adhering to rigorous military standards (Mil-Spec) and industry best practices.

Complete Data Destruction with Certified Security

Erase worries, not data. Our secure process guarantees complete destruction of your DSD library. Receive a 100% Certificate of Safe & Secure Destruction upon completion, followed by a formal Certificate of Destruction within 72 hours.


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E-Waste Pioneer Emerges: New Leaf Refining

Driven by successful R&D, FEW.R Corporation established New Leaf Refining (NLR), a subsidiary dedicated to e-waste remediation using innovative, high-performance, and low-impact mechanical technology.



FEW.R, LLC. Founded

Leveraging a year of comprehensive research across diverse international markets including Eurasia, the UK, Africa, and India, FEW.R unveiled its groundbreaking "Less Than" business model, revolutionizing free electronics waste recycling.

Consolidated Technologies Group, LTD.

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